Friday, December 09, 2011

Cheat Egg Tarts

Egg tarts are something I've always loved. I always get them at dim sum or bakeries, but couldn't fathom ever making them. I was sure it would be a long arduous process, and I'm pretty sure the original recipe is, but I haven't followed the original recipe yet.

Anyways, I've tried to simplify it yesterday. For the number of substitutions I made for this, I'd say it turned out OKAY, but it could be better. Instead of making the pastry crust, I figured I can buy a pie crust mix and just make the egg custard filling, which is easy to make. I bought the pie crust mix from the baking aisle (also called vegetable shortening sticks, or lard). And followed the instrustions to make the crust dough. I cut the recipe in half, which is just perfect for about 8 tards, with a bit left over. I guess I could have even cut it down to 1/4, because there was a quite bit left over, actually. I didn't have white flour, and used whole wheat flour flour instead. I also didn't have white vinegar, and used apple cidar vinegar. I guess you can say I tried to make a healthy pie crust? (Unintentionally) Lesson learned: healthy is almost never as good as not healthy.

Once I made the pie dough, I flattened out little balls of the dough into the tart cups, covering up to the edge of the cup.

Next, was the custard filling. I just used 3 eggs, and mixed it together with a fork with 5-6 tablespoons of brown sugar, and a little under equal parts of milk, and maybe about a tablespoon of vanilla extract. (When I say tablespoon, I mean the serving tablespoon, not measuring tablespoon). This was JUST perfect for 8 tarts. Unbelievable. I am a master estimator.

This was what it looked like before putting it in the oven. The recipe called for about 45 minutes to an hour in a 200 degree C oven. One thing you should do about 20-30 minutes in the oven is check with a fork or a toothpick whether its ready, also to let out some steam so the custard doesn't explode, because I forgot to do that with one of them and it ballooned up.

And this is the result! Doesn't look too great, but thats what you get for cutting corners. Next project: real egg tarts.

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