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We have switched over to using Disqus for comments. It should be much easier to comment now. You can also add photos.  If you try out a recipe or make a variation of something, feel free to share and/or post photos!


Anonymous said...

Doubletrouble is the only food blog I bother with! Great recipes, beautiful all of it.

Anonymous said...

Dear Double Trouble:
My husband and I get a weekly delivery of delicious local veggies from a nearby farm. This week, he is out of town, and I am drowning in tomatoes and peppers. Can you suggest a recipe that will help me use up all this beautiful food before it goes bad?

El said...

Hi there! Thank you for your comment. For the tomatoes I would suggest a tomato sauce or Salsa. I will post a recipe for you today. For the peppers, you could try stuffed peppers with quinoa and ground turkey or ground beef. I am having trouble using up peppers as well!


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