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Double Trouble

Eleanore is an economist with a passion for food who loves running, reading and playing sports. As a marathoner, Eleanore tries to maintain a healthy lifestyle and eat a balanced and nutritious diet. However, as a chocoholic, she knows that sometimes you have to indulge. The majority of Eleanore's recipes are healthy, although some are more decadent.


Emily is an economist who loves dancing, learning french, drawing and baking. She likes trying out different bakeries and restaurants across the city. Emily's recipes include traditional Chinese specialties along with a variety of beautifully decorated desserts.

Eleanore and Emily did their undergraduate degrees at the same university but didn't know each other. They then met again in 2010 through friends and at work,  and quickly became great friends.  Both ladies are impulsive, friendly and laugh a lot! They enjoy hip hop music, dancing, yoga, window shopping, and just hanging out with their friends and families.


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Sweet and Savoury Pursuits said...

Hi Eleanore, just wanted to say that I enjoyed looking at your site and seeing all those healthy recipes. See you soon,

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