Friday, May 02, 2014



Easy Peasy Tilapia. I thought I would share this 'recipe' as I made this twice in the last week, once for D  and once for my parents.  Everyone liked it.  It's so easy and quick to throw together and it's nice and light. Perfect for spring!
All you do is brush the tilapia with a bit of olive oil and squeeze lime on top. Put herbs of choice on top. I used a pre-mixed fish herb mix that I bought in Austria, but there are local varieties to chose from or you can mix your own.
Pan fry for 3 minutes one ach side and voila! Serve with rice or couscous and of course salad.
Leftovers are good for lunch the next day! That is if there are any..
I bought a couple of new cookbooks, and have also acquired my grandmother's recipes, so I am looking forward to lots of inspiration and cooking! Stay tuned.

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