Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Chocolate Ice cream!!

Here are some photos!

I just used the recipe from the kitchen -aid manual book. I didn't add in chocolate chunks so mine was just double chocolate and not triple.

We ate some right after and it was good but tasted very rich.

 I then froze the leftovers in a tupperware and then brought it to my parents (and friends) a couple of days later, and everyone really liked it. Some people had seconds. I definitely preferred it once it had time to freeze for a while and was more solid (right after making it, it has more a soft-serve consistency). It makes a lot! There is still some leftover, however I chose not to bring it back to my place, in fear of eating it all. 

My dad said "I didn't like it- I loved it. best ice cream I ever had"

That being said,  my dad is always my # 1 fan and a huge chocolate lover!


I am looking forward to making more ice cream recipes soon! 

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