Friday, August 08, 2014

Blueberry smoothie

Made by my bro-in law

replica- made by yours truly back in Ottawa

Smoothies are super easy to make. Also, you don't really need a recipe, because you can just throw in whatever you want. Sometimes though, I get carried away and add in anything and everything. The flavours all mix together and it doesn't always taste great.

This combination goes so well together, I had to share. My bro-in law made it in Boston and it was so good, I wanted to make it again. I managed to get him to tell me some of the ingredients and with a bit of guesswork, I recreated something quite similar and modified it a bit to make it even more healthy and filling.

- frozen blueberries
- frozen or fresh banana
- almond butter (this is what really makes the smoothie!)
- almond milk or regular skim milk
- I also added in 1/8 avocado or a handful of Kale
- 1 tablespoon of vanilla whey protein (for good measure, to make sure it fills you up)- optional

Blend all ingredients.


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