Tuesday, February 03, 2015

Startup Grind at Bridgehead Roastery

This post is long overdo. I attended this Startup Grind event back in December and am only managing to write about it now. The Bridgehead Roastery is quickly becoming one of favourite weekend hangouts, so I will be sharing more about it in the weeks to come.

If you are unfamiliar with Startup Grind, I highly recommend checking it out. It has chapters all around the world...or at least in Canada, the US and Europe.. 

Hey Look, I just noticed it says on their site they are looking for directors in cities including Vienna<< looking at you JB.  

I first heard about Startup Grind on my friend Albert's blog.  I recommend checking out his blog. He writes of all sorts of topics, from spiralizers to business, law, and everything in between. About once a month, Startup Grind holds these fireside chats where they host an interview with a local entrepreneur. Other entrepreneurs (and weirdos like myself who just find these things so interesting) gather to listen, learn and network. Someone actually asked me if I was a reporter last time because I took so many notes. Lots of scribbles on the back of a receipt from my purse.. I would have been a pretty un-professional reporter. I have now attended several fireside chats and enjoyed all of them. Steve Beauchesne of Beau's Brewery was a particularly well spoken and motivating speaker.  Startup Grind also posts videos afterwards online, but, although there is a small fee,  I find it more fun to be there in person.

This particular fireside chat was an interview with Tracey Clark, Owner of Bridgehead. I really like Bridgehead so I was really excited for this one. It did not disappoint. I bought my ticket in advance and went alone, when nobody wanted to join me. Hey, it is hard to compete with hockey in this city.  Especially when it's a home game. But, to my delight and surprise, my friend Ray was there, so we got  a chance to catch up. It also forced me to network more and meet some new people.   

Tracey was passionate, candid and funny. I loved hearing about how she overcame challenges with minimal drama and fuss. I also had the privilege of meeting her and chatted with her at the event. I was a bit star struck but she is very personable and I even got a chance to tell her about this little blog and give her my card. 

Being Bridgehead and all, they served delicious food and coffee. This is not the case for most of the Startup Grind events.  Here are some photos I took from the event. 

The Bridgehead Roastery
Wood burning oven

Some roasting equipment

The most delicious flat bread pizzas

Sesame seeds were delicious

Hey look it's my dear friend Ray- with a mustache no-less!  


Tracey Clark, President and CEO Bridgehead
and Francko Varriano, Ottawa Director, Startup Grind

I hope to attend more of these fire-side chats as they start back up in February after a mini hiatus.  

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