Monday, August 15, 2016

Tater Tot Waffles

This recipe is as simple and delicious as it looks. I got the idea from Damn Delicious and couldn't make it soon enough. I went out and bought some frozen tater tots, and made these the next day. 

Tater Tots are really the only ingredient you need, along with ketchup, sriracha and whatever sauce you would like. Oh and a waffle iron. Note, you could easily make this with homemade potatoes that are grated. I'd probably grate potatoes and onions and make it into hash browns. This is the lazy/easier version. 

Place tater tots in waffles iron- close iron

Let the iron go for regular period until the light goes green ( depending on your waffle iron)-  we left it a bit longer to make sure they were nice and crispy.

heart waffles? 
Enjoy! We had them with jerk chicken- nice variation on the usual chicken and waffles! mmm

Aren't these napkins cute? I got them at the newly opened Simons at Rideau Centre

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