Friday, December 09, 2016

Home Made Ginger Bread House

A few weeks back S and I were in a grocery store, and saw a gingerbread house kit for sale. Of course, I wanted to get it. S said that those kits were lame and that he always makes his gingerbread houses from scratch. Well, I soon found out as we struggled to make templates and cut the gingerbread, it was actually his mom that always made them from scratch, not him. He also forgot to mention that this was years ago and his memory of how to make them was less than fresh. That being said, it was still a great idea and I am grateful for S and his creativity, open mind, craftiness, sense of humour, and just for putting up with me in general :) .. okay I am cheesy I know.. I'll stop now.

Anyway, we managed, using this site as guidance. We baked the gingerbread one day, got the candy another, ate all the candy (mostly me), bought more candy, and finally built and decorated the house. I'd say this took place over about a week or so. Hey it was a busy time. We  also baked a few extra gingerbread pieces and put together gingerbread house kits to give as hostess gifts and I had some fun designing printouts with the icing instructions with this cool program Canva that S told me about. 

I won't re-post all the instructions as you can follow the ones from the site. I would however advise you to let the icing thicken for a bit in the fridge, as it can be unwieldy if it's too thin. Also have patience and use glasses (or other props) to hold up the walls of the house while you let it dry. 

Under construction it looked like this:

we were a bit skeptical but kept at it. We ended up with this:

Kristin sent me a photo of the one she and Shawn made:

Looking good!

What's next?

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