Wednesday, June 28, 2017

A Jaunt in Paris

So, I took a quick little trip to Paris for a long weekend to celebrate my friend Annelies' birthday. She was in Europe from Argentina, and I decided to make the trek across the pond to celebrate with her and our other bestie Manar, who came from London. It was so good for the soul :)

It might seem a bit extravagant, and it was a little, but I found a great price on the flight, which made it affordable. I was so lucky to get upgraded on the way there, as there was a couple that wanted to sit together, so they asked if I minded switching seats. who would mind being upgraded? Now that's love. Sitting with your wife back in economy class and forgoing the little luxuries of your ticketed seat. I'd like to think I would do the same but who knows. It was very nice to have the extra leg room and the food was much better. 

We stayed at a lovely airbnb in the Marais, which was great.

Paris was absolutely beautiful, and the weather was warm and sunny. We walked and walked and ate, and stopped at cafes, and hung around in parks, and did a bit of shopping, and even some wedding dress shopping (no, not for me!) met up with another friend from high school, and caught up with friends from Montreal. We spent time with Annelies' friend and her newborn baby--adorable. 

Sur les Champs Elysees
Here are some photos of food 

Delicious brunch at the Hardware Societe

Croque Monsieur avec frites
Cobb Salad
Delicious Steak
Breakfast at the airbnb
and some other photos

Near Sacre Coeur

Tour Eiffel

Coffee Break

Rooftop Cafe Oz

Cafe Oz
Us at Cafe Oz

Nightime View

Les filles

Macarons from La Duree
to bring home for bae and my parents
Until next time Paris. 

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