Monday, March 12, 2012

Bircher Muesli

I was so excited to eat this, I forgot to make coffee (That almost never happens!)

I love the muesli from Rich Tree. It's delicious. I have tried on a couple of occasions to recreate it by just mixing yogurt and oats. Each time, the results were less then spectacular. Something about the consistency was just off and it was quite dry. After looking at a couple of recipes, I realized that the key is to soak the oats overnight.  Before going to bed last night, I put the oats and water in a tupperware to soak. I was on the phone with my sister and told her about it. She also loves muesli and decided to soak some oats too. I texted her this morning to remind her to make the Muesli and she had already made it and said it was delicious. I loved my muesli too and can't wait to try different variations.

For oats
- 1 cup oats
- 1 cup water/milk or applejuice
- pinch cinnamon

-grated apple (important for the texture and moistness)
- yogurt ( I used plain greek yogurt)
- berries
-coconut flakes
-wheat germ
-ground flax
- honey or agave nectar

Of course these are all optional and interchangeable. Any type of nut, dried fruit, or fruit would be good.

-Put oats and liquid of your choice in a tupperware, let soak overnight
-Mix inother ingredients, top with honey

As long as you remember to soak the oats, it really couldn't be easier. Great substitute for regular oatmeal, I will definitely be having this again.

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