Thursday, March 08, 2012

Chips gone healthy

I saw these egg white chips on a blog (A Fine Balance) and had my doubts. Chips made out of eggwhites, really?  Since I love salty, crispy foods  I decided to give them a try. Surprisingly, they were really tasty! And they are more filling then regular chips.

- Egg whites (I used 2)
- smidgen of water
- spices (I used salt, chilli powder and rosemary)

preheat oven to 400
Spray muffin pan with non stick spray ( I also recommend usign a non-stick muffin pan)*
Mix all of the ingredients together and put a thin layer at the bottom of muffin pans ( the thinner the better)
bake until golden brown & crispy (about 10 minutes), turning them halfway
I'm not sure how well these keep, or how long you can keep them for. Just in case, I ate mine right away! They seem like they're best fresh from the oven anyway.

*Here I used 2 muffin pans, one was for regular sized muffins and didn't work very well, i think I made the chips too thin and they stuck to the bottom. I also used a mini non-stick muffin pan, and this worked way better


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