Monday, May 21, 2012

Make your own Frappucino

        I have been finding it a bit too hot for my usual latte in the morning, so I have been experimenting with ice coffee. I modified this recipe slightly from the June 2012 issue of food network. Its quick and easy and much cheaper/lower cal then Starbucks. I used sweetened condensed milk and it was quite sweet. great for those who usually put sugar in their coffee. For those who prefer less sweet, I would recommend unsweetened condensed milk or regular skim or soy milk.

1/2 cup cold espresso coffee
1/4 cup light (sweetened if desired) condensed milk
2 cups chopped ice
light whip cream, cool whip or other
cocoa powder for garnish

Blend together coffee, condensed milk, and ice. Top with whip cream and cocoa if desired.

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