Monday, September 17, 2012

Chili Chocolate Bacon Ice Cream

Hello all. Today I am going to tell you about the craziest food combination/mixture I’ve discovered yet. It involves the combination of these three ingredients: chilli, bacon, and chocolate ice cream. You must already think I’m crazy. “How can these ingredients even possibly combine to make anything?” you must be thinking. And what can you possibly make with them?  I’ll tell you.. Chilli Chocolate Bacon Ice Cream :-O

Not only is this the weirdest combination of ingredients yet. It is also quite delicious the simplest to make. Because all you do, is put them together… Well my version anyways.

Let me explain. So for those of you that haven’t tried the chilli chocolate bacon ice cream at Smoque Shack yet, it’s a must (if you like chilli, bacon, chocolate, and ice cream.. warning though, it’s quite spicy). It’s quite the indulgence, but also very expensive and perhaps inconvenient to go to the restaurant just for the ice cream. And you’ll probably end up eating a whole bunch of other things while you’re there, which are also quite delicious.. Anyways, retourner au mouton…

If you want a simple, easy to make version for when you crave it at home, it’s actually quite easy to imitate. And this post hasn’t deviated from my style of putting an Asian kick into recipes, because we’re going to use SRIRACHA SAUCE. Those of you who don’t know what sriracha sauce is, it’s basically a sauce you can douse in your Asian meals, and it has to ability to make all crappy Asian food taste delicious. They have it at a lot of Asian restaurants. You would mainly see it at Viet and Pho places. It looks like this:

So, when you’re craving Bacon Chilli Chocolate Ice Cream, have some bacon and chocolate ice cream in your freezer ready. A bottle of this sauce (its also good to just keep around the house too, if your Chinese take out isn’t up to par, to put on pizza.. Whatever). And you have this yummy dessert ready at hand anytime! Bon Appetit!

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