Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Vanilla Kipferel

These Austrian cookies are delicious.  They are a real treat, that I eat maybe once a year when I go to Austria. This December, I was asked to participate in a cookie exchange, so I decided to try and make them.  I used the recipe from my grandmother (Kaditza's recipe), with consultations from my cousin, my aunt and my cousin's 'Kundel Oma'. I admit, I made a slight mistake in following the recipe ( hey, the recipe was in German! my limited knowledge, and google translate can only get you so far), but they still turned out pretty well. I ended up making them again twice more, with the help of my mom and they turned out better each time. I definitely need some practice, as I don't have much experience making dough!

These are lovely cookies to have around the house for dinner guests or to bring as house gifts. They also keep for a long time, if stored in a container (wrapped in foil is also good)

150g butter - 2/3 cups
50g sugar- 1/4 cup
210g flour- 1, 3/4 cups
80g ground nuts ( I used almonds)- 3/4 cups
vanilla sugar and powdered sugar 

-Preheat oven to 400F
- mix butter with sugar, flour and flour, let sit in fridge 1 hour
- role it out or shape it, so it's about 1 inch thick, then cut into pieces and bend so it looks like crescents- if its too crumbly add 1 egg yoke or a few drops of milk
- bake 12-15 minutes ( do not brown!)
- before it cools, roll in vanilla sugar and powder sugar mixture. 

It's quite easy once (if) you get the hang of it ! enjoy! 

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