Sunday, August 31, 2014

Breakfast Cereal

Just playing around with the Nikon DSLR, that I have temporarily hijacked/borrowed from my dad. I  used a lens here that has a max aperture of f/1.8.  It is so much fun.  Photoshop is also a lot of fun, when it isn't completely frustrating!! I didn't edit the photo itself but used it for the watermark.

Anyway this is just a simple breakfast of cereal and blueberries with milk. The cereal pictured is Go Lean Crunch, which surprisingly is very healthy.  I recently compared it with many other healthy sounding cereals and it out-performed in terms of less sugar, more fibre and more protein. Excellent!! This post is not sponsored, I am just a walking advertisement for the things I enjoy..

Oh and my brother-in-law sent me a really interesting article today about how food photography has gone viral with iphones and instagram and so real professional photographers have had to step it up to keep their edge. Check out the full article from WIRED.

Hope everyone is having a great (long) weekend.

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