Monday, September 22, 2014

Apple Crisps ... Autumn's coming

Last week when I was in London I discovered these delicious apple crisps.. Now that I've been sick at home and munching on chocolate, cookies and what not I've decided that apple crisps can't be that hard to make and took it upon myself to make some.

There were several different recipes, I honestly think I should've stuck with the first recipe I found as I think the apple slices would've been crispier but I went with another one..

Start off by pre heating the oven to 100°C. Then I took four apples and cut them into super thin slices placing them onto a baking tray one layer on top of another. DON'T do this as they didn't turn out crispy, I wasn't patient enough and wanted more crisps and now I've ended up with a result I could be happier with.

Anyway slice the apple into thin pieces like so:

Then place the sliced pieces on a baking tray and sprinkle with cinnamon and sugar. Once in the oven it smells so lovely mhmmm.

These are the before and after results. Sadly the photo quality on the last photo is terrible. As one can see half of the apples are crispy the rest more soft and chewy.

Anyway the recipe I followed tells one to bake the apple slices for one hour, flip them bake again for another hour on the other side and let them cool off for another hour in the still warm/turned off oven.

Even though they don't look so great they taste delicious and are something healthy to snack on :) 

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