Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Winter Salad and Food Photography

A few weekends ago, I got together with my food photography friends and we had a great photo shoot. Thanks Deb for hosting!  I always have a nice time with this group and learn a lot from them.  It is really fun to have a set with backgrounds and lighting.  I got light stands for Christmas from D&N and now I just need to take the plunge and order some lights..

We decided to make a salad with beats, almonds, goat cheese and arugula or kale. Perfect colourful winter salad to fight the winter blahs. It has been so cold!  I know salad might not be the first thing that comes to mind on a cold day but this one is hearty and filling and a nice break from stews.

The recipe we used is from Ina Garden, Barefoot Contessa cookbook and can be found here.

Deb roasted the beats in the oven, as per the instructions. They were delicious. I actually still have beets from my fall vegetable share and they are still good. I kept them in the fridge and am amazed at how long they lasted.  If you are short on time, however, you can always pick up some of these ready-to-go cooked "love beets" from Costco or the grocery. They are super convenient to have on hand.

Here are some of my favourite shots from the day

The ingredients

The beets

Naked 2
With dressing

Valentines heart- I took this shot with Louise's camera and macro lens (I have serious lens envy)
The salad

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