Monday, June 01, 2015

Les Fougères- Restaurant Review

Happy first of June everyone!

I haven't posted in a while, as I haven't been cooking or baking too much. Although I have now started to get back into it and it feels so great. Sometimes I just make tried and true recipes and don't have anything new to share. This weekend, I made some Madeleines. Hopefully I will have some new recipes coming your way as well as more restaurant reviews and some more giveaways. Stay tuned!

I thought I would tell you about a great restaurant that my family loves to go to: Les Fougères 

It is located in Chelsea, Quebec (about a 20 minute drive from downtown Ottawa) and the food is delicious. I went there with my parents for Mother's day a few weeks ago and we had various different things from the mother's day menu. Here are some photos:

Minted pea soup; maro pesto; pine nuts; pea shoots; olive oil


Salade fougères- mixed greens; home cured and smoked bacon;
fresh papineauville chevre; homemade vinagrette

Smoked quail; pickled cucumber; avocado; sesame;
sweet and sour red paper vinaigrette

Sockeye Salmon; asparagus; fiddle heads; morels; mushrooms;
cheddar pancetta; softly cooked egg yolk

Sous vide lamb shoulder and pan seared tenderloin; tzatziki; olive
tapenade; feta; potato pave,; spring greens; smoked lamb jus

Confit de Canard; roesti potato; fresh Floralpe  goat cheese;
poached pear; spinach and partridgeberry compote


Maple Syrup Pie; homemade maple ice cream;
maple profiterole

Flourless chocolate terrine with apricot gelato
and cassis compote
As you can see the presentation is just beautiful. The ingredients are local, fresh and paired to compliment each other perfectly.

To finish off the night, the waiter brought my mom and me each a flower for mother's day. What a nice touch!

The restaurant is on the pricey side (Mother's day Table d'Hote is $55/person), but for the value, it is well worth it. The service is great and the atmosphere hard to beat.  I would recommend Les Fougères for any special occasion.

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