Monday, June 08, 2015

Product Review: Barking Barista Coffee

This weekend, I went the Ottawa Veg Fest. I had been a few times before, minus last year since for some reason they didn’t have it. In the past, it was held at the Glebe (usually the Glebe community centre, I believe). This year, they hosted it at the RA centre. It was a lot larger at this new location than I remembered in the past with a lot more vendors.

Usually, you see the same vendors every year. This year, there was something new that caught my eye that I wanted to tell you all about: Barking Barista Coffee

First of all, their coffee is amazing. Initially, I had bought a coffee from the canteen at the RA centre, not knowing that this was around. Upon trying a sample, I tossed the other one out and got one from them. Life is too short for bad coffee.

I also sampled their cold brew and bought a bottle to take back home. I’ve only had cold brew coffee three times before, but this one was really good. The cold brews I’ve had before either tasted like pure cold expresso, or just iced coffee, and neither was carbonated. This was carbonated, and had a rich, yet not overbearing flavour.

Another very important thing is that they are passionate about helping dogs, and a portion of their sales goes to dogs in need. I think it’s a great cause, and we don’t come across enough of people doing these. It’s another added bonus on top of the already great coffee they make J Now  I am on the lookout for a coffee roaster that helps cats in need! XD

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