Monday, August 29, 2016

Blackberry Mojitos

Amazing St Catharines recipes part 3..

I am sharing this recipe with you now so you can  make it on this long weekend- one last burst of summer before we delve into fall. We were all set to make these and then we realized we didn't have any rum..woops!! Not to worry, a short trip to the LCBO later, and we were ready for business.

You do need a muddler to make these. I don't have one so I just ordered this one on amazon.

- 1 lime 
- blackberries ( hand full)
-  a few sprigs of mint 
- 3 teaspoons sugar
- one ounce rum  (or more!)
- club soda
- ice

- cut up lime and put at the bottom of glasses ( apparently I cut limes completely WRONG- HAHA ;))
- add blackberries, mint and sugar
- muddle to squish blackberries and lime juice
- add ice, rum and club soda


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