Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Pie Workshop at Life of Pie

Pastry Hands On

I came across this "Pastry hands on" workshop by chance and jumped at the opportunity to do it. i immediately asked my friend J as she and Pat always get quiches and pics from life of pie. unfortunately she was fighting a bad cold and wasn't able to attend :(.. but luckily Antonella stepped in and we had a great time! 

dream mixer

making the dough

my quiche dough

mini tarts

they had fruit inside

learning from the best

filling the tarts with fruit mixture and topping

Anto making it look easy

ready to go in the oven

finished quiche

finished tarts

This hands on course was great. the class was small enough that you really got to learn. We each went home with 6-10 tarts, a quiche and enough dough to make about 6 more pies. wow!! I won't give away all the pie lady's secrets and recipes, but i recommend this course if it's offered again. Apparently they will also have a course on making scones..mmm..yum!!

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