Thursday, June 08, 2017


Have you gone to Origin Trade in the market?

If not, drop everything and head on over. It's a cute coffee shop/bar lounge that serves delicious food in a cozy atmosphere.  I was there recently for a private event to learn more about Mealshare, an organization that works to end youth younger.

Origin has some sweet specials. I will definitely heading back there soon!

Mealshare has already donated over 1.3 million meals to youth in need through their charity partners. Lets help them give more. Mealshare has a buy 1 give 1 approach. If you buy a Mealshare menu item at one of the partner restaurants, the restaurant donates to mealshare, who in turn gives the money to organizations such as Boys and Girls Club and Operation Come Home, and they provide meals to youth.

A snapshot of a few that work hard to make this all happen-
including Mariam from Mealshare (second from the left)
Delicious Food from origin Trade

Mealshare has some new partners and the list of restaurants is really impressive. In Ottawa, the participating restaurants are:

  • The Red Lion
  • The Shore Club
  • Social
  • Petit Bill's Bistro
  • The Albion Rooms
  • CRAFT Ottawa
  • Clocktower Brew Pub
  • Perspectives
  • 10Fourteen
  • Art Is In Bakery
  • Black Cat Bistro
  • Coconut Lagoon
  • Industria
  • Pure Kitchen
  • Feast + Revel
  • Origin Trade
  • Beckta
  • Restaurant 18
  • Wellington Gastropub
  • La Roma 
  • Trattoria Caffe Italia
  • Sutherland Restaurant Bar & Cafe
  • Red Apron
  • Pascale's Ice Cream
  • Pressed 

  • Head on out for a nice lunch or dinner at one of these delicious restaurants and order a mealshare item.There is no additional cost to you, and it will mean a lot to the recipient. As someone who gets hangry when I haven't eaten for a few hours, I can't stress enough the importance of proper nutrition. Lets give our youth the best chance of success. Thank you to Mealshare and its partners for making this happen and for giving us a way to give!

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