Sunday, May 25, 2014


Today a friend of mine organized and invited me to a eat and greet event in Vienna,Austria.

It was great there were six different bloggers there cooking different dishes there was roast beef, lamb burgers, chick pea salad, sushi, truffles, fruit tiramisu and vegan egg salad.

I tried the vegan egg salad and the fruit tiramisu they were both very good. 

The event was fantastic it gave you the chance to watch the bloggers cook and ask them whatever you felt like asking :)

The event was sponsored by kochabo a great company which sends you a box of food and recipes that you can cook for a week as well as JA! Natürlich another Austrian company which also sponsored the products.

Here's the bloggers that participated in the event:

Adam Anton Adrian
Der Mundschenk & Compagnie
Lisa Vockenhuber

Here's a couple of photos of the event:

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