Thursday, May 22, 2014

Take the pledge..

When I first heard about Billings Bridge Safe Driving Campaign, I thought it was a great idea. All those crazy drivers, on their phones, not paying attention. Shame on them!  I never for a second thought it applied to me.  I am a very cautious [aka SLOW] driver and I always pay attention.  Then I read the list of some of the examples of distractions, and low and behold I noticed I was guilty of most of them! Checking directions- yep! snacking- yep! looking for sunglasses- all the time!!- Drinking coffee- yes.. and other drinks.  I once spilled an entire smoothie all over my lap, and that didn't stop me. Changing the heat- yes, frequently. Texting- I try and keep it minimal, but I do look at my phone.  Checking out cute joggers- hmm not all the time?

With so many accidents due to distracted drivers, this is a wakeup call for all of us. It is up to us to help make the roads as safe as possible. So take the pledge and help spread the word! So take the pledge, online or in person. For every pledge, a donation will be made to Ottawa Network for Education.  

I went over to Billings and took the pledge in person. Here are a few photos!

Don't forget to follow along on twitter and on instagram!!

Drive in style and be safe!

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