Monday, June 08, 2015

Red Juicie

I wasn't sure whether to call this a smoothie or a juice.. I don't have a juicer, so it isn't a pure juice, but it doesn't have milk or much added liquid to it and is thinner than what I'd consider a traditional smoothie. So voila- a juicie.

I make it in the Nutribullet, but it can be made in any blender or juicer.

This is definitely my favourite these days. Especially after a week (..fine several weeks) of over indulging.

Super easy:
- 2 cooked beets (I use love beets from Costco-so conveniant!!) + beet juice from the package
- carrots or baby carrots
- 1 apple
- fresh ginger
- lime juice to taste
- water (if needed to blend)

blend up, enjoy!

1 comment:

Wayne S said...

Great poost thankyou


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