Monday, August 22, 2016

What I ate in a long weekend

I had such a nice weekend in Toronto and St Catharines visiting great friends. I spent a lot of it chilling by different pools, reading and eating, of course! I should say this is from Wed-Sunday.

I am excited that I have a few recipes to post, but first- here's a sneak peak of some of the delicious food I ate this weekend.

In Toronto
  • Not pictured: delicious rum cake at T&C's
  • Delicious Lunch

Cobb Salad at House on Parliament

  • Not pictured: delicious bbq, including such a yummy persian eggplant dip
  • Not pictured: late night Mcdonalds- with milkshakes, chicken nuggets, fries, and a surprise junior chicken from T
  • Not pictured, lattes and pastries at Sumach Espresso- lovely cafe

In Oakville

  • Not pictured: delicious falafel sandwich from Bru. Carolyn and I split it. They put it on two plates and it came with fries and mayo. yumm!! it was the best falafel wrap I've ever had. 
In St Catharines:
Chicken a la King- recipe to follow

Peach pie with Fresh Niagra peaches 

Breakfast with soft boiled eggs

signature cocktail- blackberry mojito! 

Amazing cheese plate with cheeses
Upper Canada Cheese/

 Delicious waffles-  note: the waffle maker that flips
is so much better than the one that doesn't! 
  • Also not pictured, delicious donut from beechwood doughnuts- I had the cookies and cream and wholly hell it was delicious. Carolyn had the fritter and it was really good too. 
Back in Toronto

on my way home I had some time to kill in transit. Luckily there is this thing going on called - Union summer where restaurants have little booths, right outside the train station. There is live music and it's really nice.

I bought one  jerk chicken taco and immediately
went back for anotherit was so delicious!
It had mango hot sauce and plantain chips
from: Come and Get it

Variation on Mexican Street Corn-
meh not as good because it wasn't spicy
I forget what booth
I  only went on one run!

 Needless to say, I need to eat healthy for a few days.. so here is my lunch

Home in Ottawa- time to detox

Kale Salad with Fresh Kale and Tomatoes from S's garden
and fresh basil from my plant

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