Monday, October 19, 2015

Juice Cleanse Day 1

If you missed the overview on the cleanse, read about it here.

Juice #1-Time: 7:30am


Rise and shine.  I can do this! I am pumped. I am also saving a ton of time. No need to cook or eat breakfast. This is awesome. The juice itself is not bad. It tastes very healthy and fresh.  The flavours aren't bad. I drink it very slowly. It is thicker then I expected.

Juice #2-Time: 9:30am

This juice makes my tongue super red and that amuses me. I am still feeling great. I realize that the first two juices of the day have the most calories so I try and savour them. I have a minor headache but not too bad. Likely due to not having my daily coffee!

Juice #3 -Time: 11:30am

I am starting to feel hungry. I have a big craving for a bagel. I smell people heating up their lunches and I start feeling grumpy. This juice tastes much better than expected and that cheers me up. I am recommitted. Anto gives me some encouragement and tells me I am not allowed to give in and eat a bagel. 

Physiotherapy- Time: 12:00pm
I nearly left there without paying because I had to pee so badly.. by this point I have probably had about 2 or 3 water bottles full of water in addition to all the juices. Pee count: approx 3. or 4.  

Mood-wise, I pretty much went back and forth between feeling wonderful, proud and happy, turning my nose up at everyone and their unhealthy foods (in my head of course) , and feeling grumpy, annoyed and irritable and just wanting to have some coffee ( and bagels and pizza..and..and).

Herbal Tea- Time:1:00pm
Big treat- not as delicious as coffee, but warm and yummy. See how quickly we can learn to appreciate something?

It's hard to believe but I actually feel quite thirsty. I need to refill my water bottle. Do I always make so many typos or is because the juice is starting to get to me?

Juice #4-Time:2:30pm-fell a bit behind due to work 

I look a little tired. Is my skin glowing yet? 
healthy healthy healthy
I am feeling more zen and much better then in the morning. Maybe my body is adapting.

Juice #5-Time: 4:00pm

I am not really in the mood to drink this juice again but don't want to get stuck drinking 5 back-to-back right before bed. I am pleasantly surprised at how fast the day seemed to go by and by the fact I am not starving. Oh and another benefit, this juice is like an ultra-organic lip stain.  #winning

Cheers! From this angle it almost-kinda-sorta looks like red wine.. 
Juice #6-Time: 5:45pm

I went to vote and then went home and drank this next juice. Resting my foot.

Herbal Tea-Time: 6:45pm

Juice #7 Time: 7:30pm
No picture necessary.  Skin Tonic
I am not in the mood drink more juice.  I am now craving eggs, cheese, avocado and lasagna.

Juice #8 Time: 9:00pm
Drank this one in the bath. Green 101.
I might be complaining a bit but overall I feel pretty good! I am liking this cleanse so far.

Juice #9 Time: 10:00pm
Night cap anyone? cheering for the Jays? watching the election? I would say some celebratory drinks are in order. Green 201. ** Having now tasted this juice, I think I will take champagne next time.  Greens 201 is definitely the worst/ most intense one..probably the most beneficial. S also texted that it is "the worst, by far" "brutal" and "hard to drink this" Hahaha.

And with that, it's on to day two.. 

Read about Day 2 - Day 3- Post Cleanse.

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