Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Juice Cleanse Day 2

If you missed the overview on the cleanse read about it here. Read about day 1 here.

Good morning! So I woke up this morning feeling a little bit weak and tired. I am probably just not used to having so few calories. It's good because I was actually craving my juice.  I had a 7am appointment to get my winter tires put on so i drank about half the juice and took the rest to go in the car.
Decided to wear this cozy sweater that used to be my grandma's <3
Juice #1-Time: 6:30am

The funny thing about this tire appointment is that I actually considered changing it, only because the dealership is right next to a Tim Hortons. It seems so ridiculous to me now. I actually thought,  'Hmm I usually go wait at Tim Hortons and have a coffee, but since I can't do that, maybe I should go another day'. What?? That is crazy talk. I actually called to change my appointment, but no one answered the phone. Probably for the best.

So once I got settled in the waiting area I saw that there were no herbal teas for the Keurig machine. They had Green tea and regular tea but I'm pretty sure even green tea is off limits. I was debating the less-than-tempting prospect of drinking plain hot water, when I discovered ginger-lime herbal tea bag bag in my purse. Perfect! Saves the day!

Herbal Tea- Time: 7:15am

I ended up waiting so long for my car. As 8:00 approached, I was not very pleased and expressed my dissatisfaction to the gentleman at the service desk.  I could tell i was starting to get more and more grumpy. My next juice was scheduled for 8:30 and I didn't want to wait longer than that. Note: DO NOT GET BETWEEN A WOMAN AND HER JUICE.  Well luckily for everyone, they finished with my car around 8:25 and decided to waive the fee because it shouldn't have taken so long.  Thank you juice cleanse for making me so grumpy and thereby saving me some money. See, this juice cleanse is starting to pay for itself!

Juice #2- Time 8:40am - Drinking it in the car, stuck in traffic

Any guesses as to which juice it was? Also yes, for those noticing, I still haven't washed my hair.. #dryshampooforthewin #dirtyhairlooksbetter #iswearididshower #actuallyihavebeenhavingbaths

As day 2 progresses I find it easier knowing what to expect and what is coming. I really like all the juices except Greens 201. It takes me about 15-30 minutes to drink each juice. 

Juice #3-Time: 10:45am

Herbal Tea- Time: 12:00pm

Starting to have a headache :( I definitely have a caffeine addiction. Starting to wish I had just done 1 day cleanse.. Hitting a bit of a low point here. Light headed and headache. Good thing it is almost time for the next juice. 

Juice #4-Time: 12:45pm

So Patrick had a juice at lunch in solidarity and therefore I cannot give up. So nice!! I have the best friends. He had the happy rabbit one, which is basically my breakfast.. along with 2 pieces of pizza! so jealous!! My parents also went for pizza at lunch.. wahhh..pizza envy 

Juice #5-Time: 2:30pm

I realize that we are more than half done. 14/27!! Wooohooooo 

Juice #6-Time: 4:15pm
Juice #7-Time: 6:00pm

Oh no, i have to go out into the real world (seeing people consume food and drinks) wahhh. 

Laughed so much I cried talking to Stu about the cleanse. We both couldn't stop laughing. I definitely recommend doing the cleanse with someone it helps a lot. I was saying how I was drinking every last drop to get all the calories but Stu topped me: he actually flipped over the cap to see if there was any left and also refilled the Happy rabbit one with water to get the leftover juice inside the bottle. Desperate times, desperate times.. but hey, good idea!! 

Juice #8-Time: 7:45pm

Herbal Tea- Time: 8:15pm

It smelled so good at Pub Italia.. mmm. Give me all of the food. 

I nearly bit my friend's head off when she asked me to taste her beer. "Noo!!! " haha, can't you see I am drinking this delicious chamomile tea? I am still glad I went and got to see those fine folk. See it is possible to be (semi) social while on the cleanse. That being said, I didn't stay late. 

Juice #9-Time: 9:30pm

Check out this documentary on Netflix called "Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead" It is really good. I'm finding a lot of humour in it and find it very relatable. 

On that note, goodnight! Day 3 tomorrow, home stretch!

Read about Day 3

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